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Omni Secured Lending Strategy

Omni Secured Lending extends short-term loans to professional UK property investors.

All loans are secured against UK real estate (in England, Wales or Scotland), with a maximum LTV of 75%. Loans typically fund refurbishment projects or the acquisition of buy-to-let / other investment properties.

Premium pricing is obtained in exchange for speed and certainty of execution. The strategy offers strong security coverage – all lending is full recourse and the UK has a proven creditor-friendly legal system.

Lending is conducted by the specialist lending platform, Amicus Finance Plc ("Amicus"). Active in specialty finance since 2009, Amicus has proven itself as a professional player within the space. Since inception the firm has extended finance in excess of £1bn. Principal losses experienced have been <0.1% to date.

Access to the market is provided via fund structures for sophisticated investors.

For further details, please contact the Investor Relations team:

Omni Secured Lending Risk Management

Loans are priced individually based upon perceived risk. The property serves as the primary risk measure during underwriting. Other core considerations are exit viability and the borrower’s creditworthiness / experience.

The strategy focuses on first charge (i.e. senior lien) lending. Adequate asset backing is required on each loan, with the “V” in LTV equal to the current open market valuation provided by a professional third party surveyor.

Full recourse results in enhanced security for lenders. Within UK property lending borrowers are held personally liable for their debt. Borrowers can be pursued by lenders for any shortfall suffered.

When work-out is required the creditor-friendly UK legal systems is helpful. A dedicated internal collections and servicing team is responsible for any enforcement action required.