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Omni Secured Lending Strategy

Omni Secured Lending provides specialist private credit exposure with a focus on the niche short-term UK property lending market. Premium pricing is obtained in exchange for speed and certainty of execution.  The strategy offers strong security coverage – all lending is full recourse and the UK has a proven creditor-friendly legal system. 

The Omni Secured Lending Strategy distinguishes itself through:

  • Focus on loans to professional property investors that generally fund refurbishment projects or the acquisition of buy-to-let / other investment properties
  • Providing strong security coverage, with all loans secured against UK real estate, with a typical weighted average LTV of approximately 65% and average loan size of less than £1 million*

*For OSL III Fund, as at 30 November 2018.


Access to the market is provided via fund structures for sophisticated investors.


For further details, please contact the Investor Relations team: