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Omni Event Strategy

Omni Event follows an actively managed global event-driven approach, which John Melsom, the CIO, has been refining through nearly two decades of event-driven investing. John was previously Co-Portfolio Manager of the Omni Global strategy, which had peak assets of almost $650 million* and won a Lipper Award&** for the three-year period 2008-2010.

The strategy focuses on equity and equity-related securities of companies undergoing significant corporate actions and other hard catalyst events globally, predominantly within developed markets.

The Omni Event Strategy distinguishes itself through:

  •  Truly global focus with experience and real-time trading in all time zones and major regulatory jurisdictions
  •  Portfolio construction based on a best ideas basis with no pre-allocation of capital by geography, sector, sub-strategy etc., allowing dynamic allocations to the best opportunities based on their risk-return profile
  •  Demonstrated edge in structuring trades and generating multiple layers of potential alpha around individual corporate events

*as at 1 March 2011

**Quantitatively judged on risk-adjusted performance over 3 years.

For further details, please contact the Investor Relations team: